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Conference Registration

Registrations close at midnight on Thursday 11th May. Please note conference venue is now Tweed Ultima Conference Centre. See Home page for details.

Please complete details below to register for the conference. Upon successful registration you will receive an email describing arrangements for payment of the registration fee. Applicants from outside Australia may arrange to pay their registration fee at the conference if you provide confirmation of travel arrangements.

If you wish to print and mail this form, please send with cheque to:
  U3A Twin Towns
  P O Box 1005
Coolangatta Qld 4225

Fields marked * are mandatory.

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Email Address:*
Repeat Email Address:*
Town or Suburb:*
If you are a member of a U3A, please provide details below:
Name of U3A: 
Executive position held (if applicable): 
Please select your desired conference option. Full Conference and Dinner Only packages close on Friday 5th May:
* Full Conference Package, $160 (includes refreshments, lunches and Conference Dinner)
Conference only, $100 (includes refreshments and lunches but excludes Conference Dinner)
Dinner only, $60
Optional Excursions/Activities:
  Margaret Olley Excursion 17 May ($40 will be added to registration fee)
  Pre-Conference Welcome Function, evening of 17 May (pay on night)
  Lawn Bowls at Coolangatta Bowls Club, 17 May
Please indicate any Special Dietary requirements:
  Gluten Free
Other Dietary requirement: 
Please select which of the special sessions on Day 2 you will attend:
  Presidents' Council
Add any additional information you wish to provide
Additional information: 
Declaration: I understand that numbers for the Conference Dinner are limited to 100. If that number is reached before my payment is processed, a refund of the Dinner component will be sent to me and I will not be able to attend the Conference Dinner. I also understand that other conference refunds (less any administration costs) will only be possible up to 5th May 2017. Applications for refunds after that date cannot be accepted.
* I accept these conditions

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Please use a desktop or tablet device to register online, or contact Conference Secretariat via Contact page.